Lawn Maintenance

At Executive Landscape, mowing is not just grunt work! Each lawn, your lawn, is unique; we aim to maintain your lawn in a way that's right for you. The way you and your family uses the lawn, your preferences for organic and natural lawn care, play areas, pet areas - all of this is taken into account when we stop by your place to cut your grass. It's not simply a matter of unloading the mower from the trailer!

Our goal at Executive Landscape is to be Lexington's premiere lawn care company. There's only one way to get there: consistently providing quality work, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service.

When you contract with Executive Landscape for mowing, you're entrusting your lawn to a group of dedicated professionals. We'll come to your place weekly (or as needed) to mow, edge, and trim your entire property. While we're there, we'll evaluate the landscaping around your home to determine if it needs any maintenance.

Weekly mowing, edging, and trimming from April to October
As a contract customer, you'll receive priority service
Monthly statements, with a simple monthly payment for services rendered


With over 20 years' experience in residential landscaping services, the professionals at Executive Landscape have transformed many Bluegrass homes into beautiful outdoor living spaces. Whatever you like to do outside, we can design and build it!

It All Begins With a Good Design

With our outstanding design service, your yard will be the best it can be!

When you're looking to transform your back yard into something spectacular, Executive Landscape can show you how it's done! If you're in the Lexington/Central Kentucky area, we want to be your choice for a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Our award-winning landscape projects are designed by professional landscapers, people who know what works best in the Fayette county area. Our designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience planting the shrubs and flowers they recommend, who'll look at your space and help you make a design even your neighbors will love.

Your new outdoor space will be meticulously planned. We'll show you what our recommended trees and shrubs will look like, too.


Residential Landscape Construction

The best residential garden spots at Lexington homes were built by Executive Landscape. Our work has been featured in the Lexington Herald Leader, Kentucky Living, and Kentucky at Home magazine.

Our employees are professional full-time landscape pros. We know them and their reliability, honesty, and integrity.Matthew Collins, our Residential Manager, oversees each home landscape project and will be your go-to for questions. To get some information about your outdoor project, reach out to him now! We'll transform your yard into something you and your family will love.

Residential Landscaping Construction Process

What can you expect while we build your landscaping project? We do not cut corners, so we build to last. This sometimes takes a little longer than the in-and-out guys that throw something together for you, or like the half-hour transformations you see on TV. The best materials, professional installation and construction, and great quality are always to be expected from Executive Landscape.

  • Demolition: removal of unwanted ground, structures, beds, etc. Haul-away is usually standard to this process as well.
  • Grading: to keep water runoff flowing away from building and to proper drainage areas.
  • Utility Lines & Irrigation: we'll work with the right people to relocate or add utilities, as necessary. We'll also add irrigation pipes, controls, etc.
  • Walls: perimeter walls, retaining walls, etc. to make your yard outstanding
  • Hardscape Installation: walkways, patio, fire pits, grills, and the like
  • Planting: native trees and plants are usually the way to go. Your design papers will show you what we're putting, and where

Residential Manager

Matthew Collins is our Residential Manager. He oversees each home landscape project and is your go-to for questions. To get some information about your Lexington-area outdoor project, reach out to him now! We'll transform your yard into something you and your family will love.